Our Father

Our Father,

I often consider you a stranger.
I am ashamed to say it, but
you are not often a father to me.

I begin with high and sovereign thoughts
or with low and serving thoughts
keeping you at bay,
in order that my heart might remain mine

in losing sight of the personal encounter
i have lost what was important
you were a stranger to me though i knew you
you were foreign to me, until i saw you thusly addressed

when reading today i saw those words
“our father”
and was terrified at the power they have.

I am honest, and try to be.
I know I am sinful.
Fix me.

Our Father,
the one who hears us
He shall save us.
Our Father,
the One Who Shall Have Raised Us
is already in our midst
in their Spirit

I have feared you,
lived in dread of this love
kept you away from my emotions
trying to be logical

I have kept you at bay too long.
Unbind the fetters of my trembling heart
and be Thou what I fear most
A loving Father, from whom there is no turning

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