His jets are erect, full, and black like soot…

Don’t tell me you have exhausted your limits
With your excessive moderation
You go by many names
but you’re surely not the child of promise

It doesn’t matter if week after week
It seems logical to say it doesn’t mean much
your faith may be a broken idol
but worship with all your fearful might

You may listen to this dreadful song
From the moistened wood at the little pulpit
dripping with soot and punishment
this helm beneath the watch of almighty god

If a little wooden figure, black as coal
Challenges your faith
roll over like the waves,
rise no more

I don’t know if we listen in
To the conversation of gods or devils
But night after night I’m falling back asleep
Examining these empty bones

The whispers gather neatly neath the crashing sky
judgment’s billowing fist swims ‘neath us
escapes our wandering eyes
and no one knows what this hand of Poseidon may actually look like

I notice now, that everything is not as it seems
under the guise of unfathomable science
I notice you’re only alive, in the deep and the chaos
Capsized in the torment of you, loving me, loving you

The billowy current electrifies the senses
The weary waves yawn a great white noise
Terrible to the waiting ear caught in wonder
Promise me these, the chorus of the damned cries out

This dreadful ocean is full of broken lives
Fellowships swallowed whole in misery
Marriages for matinees,
Honeymoons for lost causes

Whether in dreams or in waking
When you say you’re happy now
Half of me turns with the rollicking tides
Nobody stands alone beneath a crashing sky

This city might be swallowed into the Atlantic
But it shall never have my heart
When everything is shown to be inconspicuously incorrect
The faith of the landsman falters

Nothing was ever as real as this
The curdled roar of fury lurks behind our souls
circling us in inky gloom
waiting for the end of day

Images graven on the teeth of the damned
Throwing crown and dignity to shame
They speak the name once more
before tracing death in the starry heavens

The love for life flows out like
the washed out first aid kit we stole
We know nothing anymore, just prayers…
and the torment of them burns us at the wake

Spend your soul with blood ‘neath thunder
if you see the whites wail
eyes embattled by the coal flaked denizens
Will you hear the rising prayer?

Confession is a bitter quarrel
cracking oars leave lives forgotten
Thick lipped Leviathan, curling round the bend of judgment
floating ‘neath the wandering curds of foam

the sound of vengeance breaks upon me
rain throwing down the gauntlet of challenge
echoed in our haunted eyes
we accept with morbid grins

Black as soot my eyes confess
that we have seen his wat’ry mess
from hell’s black heart it comes
madness maddened only spoken to itself

Panting and snorting like a mad battle steed
the ocean boils over, her denizens breaking the icy silence
calling out to claim her dead
till that day shall rise again


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