A short thought on love

I sometimes glance upwards, waiting.
Why doubt when love is waiting?

I thought to fulfill a divine mandate,
to weave a path of blood and righteousness
I thought to sew these colors into a seamless robe
I was impoverished by the blood on my hands

Standing beneath an orange-purple sky,
why wait for misery to leap upon you?
I took to the stars with avarice,
closing myself from the world.

Always the library,
floating in forests of isolated misery.
Far be it from me to understand.
With love knocking at the door
why I’d ask to see.

I once sought to control it.
Now i have one request.

Keep it from me.
Keep it hidden, hidden away.
So that I might learn to really see.

Keep it from me, hidden in a secret place.
That i might not possess it, but that it might possess me.

The sky might be dark, but you are clear
and the clarity you bring only happens in the blindness that brings sight.

Salvation, this fruit from life, awaits us
in the solemnity brought about by the broken
It all starts with bread, wounded bread.

Forgive me, Lord. My heart’s been broken.
This banjo don’t play songs no more.

But you gave me a friend,
a great many in tow,
an entire cosmos to acquaint myself with
and a family of praying brothers
a multitude of sisters.

And in the darkness, a voice pierced me,
“Eli, I love you.” I have been terrified since that moment.
Grant me to need no understanding,
but merely acceptance of the most intangible
unimaginably incomprehensibly ungrasped but only self-offering of gifted mysteries.


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