A short collection of thoughts

I’ve invited you into my life. Into my pain, my misery, my fears and woes. I’ve invited you to witness it all, and to observe.

You asked me to send you a gift, so I decided to make you this, a little box, full of everything. By the end of this script I shall have poured everything into it, everything that I am, and still it shall not be full.

I looked into the heart of time itself, and woke from my stupor, recognizing the power of my foolishness.

I looked at you, looking at me, and saw with the eyes of love, for the very first time. How impoverished i had been without you, how utterly foolish i was. Starving for love, yet unable to find the strength to dig a well.

When it mattered, the well sprung up from underneath me, and set me aloft, sustaining me. But in the beginning. I had dug a hole, through the center of the earth. Through the center of my little world.

I started looking for you, under bushes and on the wind, in palm trees and sweat and mirrors.

I went searching for you, under the cover of starlight, when darkness approached and in storms.

I did not find you, in harems or in lost places forgotten by time and the earth.

When I woke, i discovered the secret, and it’s like my heart was set on fire, for everything i thought I’d known was wiped away. I discovered the great secret, the one that opened my waking eyes, whispered in the words behind your face. Lovers do not find each other along the way, they do not meet in passing. I discovered the hidden fact, they are in each other’s hearts all along.


3 thoughts on “A short collection of thoughts

  1. Beautiful, my friend. I’ve been so busy in my own world, I haven’t made time to see the beauties I always find here.

    I am glad to find you in true form, speaking the truth in love.


    • It’s good to hear from you Steven. I’m glad to find myself speaking the Truth in Love as well. I’m excited to have taken a break from writing, but I’m also glad to be back to writing.

      Life is good here,hope you’ve been well.

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