My Eyes Have Seen

In anticipation He waits
silent, solemn
praying with the saints

In hope he prays
smiling, longing
counting down the days

In faith he knows
a messiah comes
to these, the low

To the lowly he whispers
of the king enthroned in flesh
and glory

His eyes have parted
a great mystery
in anticipation of the promise

Looking for the consolation
he eagerly awaits to see
not kings or gold or riches

he looks not for mansions
or palaces and diamond causeways
but for the One obedient

He looks for little salvation,
all humility and gurgles
a child, this child, salvation

This is the salvation
This is the meaning of it all
This little child, bearing the weight of Glory

I’ve joined a biblical poetry group and we’re focusing on bringing out some creative examinations of biblical characters throughout the Scriptures. This one is based on Simeon in Luke chapter 2. He is one of my favorite biblical characters and i hope this poem explains why.

Peace be with you always,


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