Children of the Logos

Absurdity is the effect of the sin entrenched against the universe and the good, orderly and creaturely Creation. To fight the absurd we discover in reality everyday, the difficult and sometimes meaningless emptiness that life can present us with, I have written this post.

There is no single more important task than letting this absurdity not cause us to despair, both as individuals and as communities.

The individual, when facing despair and absurdity has no greater task than to turn to the Logos Himself, who is Jesus, and find meaning in this Jesus of Nazareth’s voice and plea as the Crucified. When faced with the power of absurdity which is right and good for the Christian, we must turn to the Christ. If we cannot stare the void in the face how shall we then know God’s enemy? However, we do not seek to look into the void and absurdity of the Universe, that is foolishness.

To be children of the Logos we must live out daily the Beatific vision, and so let our minds and hearts be shaped by this Crucified God and His wounds that when we see him we see the void, and so confronted our voices and ears are turned up by one octave and we can hear the shrill cry of the oppressed even in the midst of beauty. Our hearts are so attuned to the suffering that we can empathize with them even when we are desiring to curve into ourselves for despairing consolation.

Our minds will be made sharp so that we can face the void with the courage of those who press on, who endure, and who are led by the First to face Death and so conformed that this overthrow of Death is not simply an exercise in failed heroism, but the cadence of a people united at a table.

When we allow Jesus to become instead of a symbol among many, the ordering principle of the worlds we find ourselves in, life takes on a different cadence and even in meaninglessness and futility. When we trust He is Who He says He is, and that this is very good news, as given to us by the community He has created, we can then recognize the ever present call to be faithful, fruitful and become bound to one another through the absurdities by Faith and Hope and Love. These three, Faith, Hope and Love as perpetuated by the Spirit of Christ and the sacraments that enact that presence to us, and for us will draw us back into proper community and away from the irregular alienations that threaten our minds and hearts.


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