Some New Banner

If we widen our catcher’s spires
and let them reach into the sky
will they bring down stars for us acquired
from the happy heights of mars?

If we whisper to the willows sweetly,
will they hear our sagging pleas
caught between the passing moments
when they hear only the breeze

Conversation must seem like an annoying insect to a tree,
it crawls about you buzzing for a moment
before you hear reality again

If we watch the world with wonder,
and approach it as a gift
will we find the bounty of peace
or only shame and suffering?

take my hands and lead me down that dusty path
out with weeping i shall go
to catch sight of that amazing thing
the light of which my heart shall know

vindicate me, with your night of wonder
bring light into my desperate heart, light from darkness
light from life
that i might sing about the stars again
and echo true our rising song

that hearing and seeing might lead
to family once again
under some new Banner
knowing now some other song
than the one taught to me by kith and kin

teach me that once old and weary song,
bout a world turned upside down
’bout a man who loves his wine
and the bread that shakes foundations of the world


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