My Mother’s Wisdom

“In this world you will have tribulations…” -Jesus

The following quotes are from my mother who I respect more than any other woman in the world save one.

‘My mama says’ “How can you eat if you are not hungry? Hunger is a problem, but a good one. How can you trust in the Lord if there is no tribulation by which we learn? If there are no problems to solve, how will we grow?”

Clearly my mother is thinking in terms of a fallen creation but she clearly understands the exhortation that ‘all things work togther for good to them that love Christ’

She goes on to say:
“Jesus meant: I give you some problems to solve, because if you have no problems how you gonna trust? How if you have no problems can you help Jesus fix the problems in the world?” I could not agree more.

“Life is like math, how will you learn if there are no problems?” She has such a piercing insight into things sometimes. My mother reminds me of St. Monica, who has moved the Lord with her prayers. For many years my mother interceded faithfully and pleaded with the Lord for my own conversion to the faith.

My mother is super-wise. She really is. She had lots to say this morning.

“If you have no teacher, and no problems, how will you learn to fix the problem?” Clearly she is talking about the need to be Christian and face tribulations.

“Just as we need hunger for food, so too the soul needs problems” which until the resurrection are as spiritual hunger pangs.

We need problems, tribulations to remind us of the proper hunger of the soul for God.

“When you have problems you have to face the devil and put him in his place under Jesus feet.”

I love my mother and thank her for her earnest prayers for my conversion. The world would not be half the place it is today with men like Augustine and Jesus without faithful mothers who have made a future for their children through prayer and fasting and sacrifice.


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