Wedding Toast

If I were to say anything,
anything at all,
I suppose I would say grace,
for that is where all meals begin

I would feebly attempt to push past
the overwhelming gratitude
and grasp for words
for we can only speak with silence
where there’s language in between

I would light a festive candle
and smile deeply
embracing the challenge
to put into words fragments of a fraction

When all is said and done,
the universe might pour into our heads
but we’ll still tell the story
the age old story we remember
so very well

If I were to say anything
I’d just smile, and let my eyes spill their volumes
over the expecting faces
because it wouldn’t matter at all
what words might catch in passing
because it would pass between us like light
written on each others faces

and when that day comes,
if I lack for words
I know you’ll understand
and i’ll bury my face in your waiting hands
and kiss your palms with adoration

I’d lift my eyes up to the heavens
and break the bread of fellowship
embracing that we are in the kingdom
your hand in mine, establishing our prayer

I’d say grace,
for that is where all meals begin
I’d kiss your palms and make myself so low for you

and the silence and the gasping
will be all the toasting we need
as we make our way into the evening lights
together at last, making way for midnight
and the coming of the dawn


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