I shall grab this bead

I shall grab this bead
and say a psalter,
a prayer, with my mother

I shall grab this bead,
this little counter,
this little object, so full
of divine potential

I shall count the times
with this little bead,
and I shall mark
the passing seasons

I shall witness passiontide
and Easter
The assumption
the Stations, and Lent

I shall grab this little bead,
insignificant, supremely significant
and hold it
without faltering

I shall pray with my Mommy
for she wears stars in her hair
and has sought me from the corners
that I might join her in her prayers

I shall grab this bead
and my soul will magnify the Lord
for the works he has done
for the raising of the Lowest one

I shall grab this bead, and pray for mercy
mercy from the Lowly Son
Who’s Loving blood shall flow to me
and be my drink at Calvary

I shall grasp this calling bead,
and join the conversation
I shall hold this prayer bead
and become grasped by illumination

I will grasp another bead,
holding on for dear life
knowing that the calling comes
but not without a price

I shall seek the Defender of the weak
by counting with my Mother
and we shall weep great tears,
in the arms of the sustainer

My Mother and I shall have spoken for the world
joining with your lowly son, and all the ills
saying with great gratitude
be it done unto me according to your will

And then we shall lift up our voice
with all our sisters and our brothers
as we rejoice in Family, One Father, One Spirit
One Messiah and One Mother


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