A prayer

Mother, I have failed thee, in my forgetfulness, I have neglected thee, even as you prayed for me.

My Heart now broken, stands in open repentance, asking for your tears that bring healing to strengthen me in this time.

Holy Mother, most high and glorious example of discipleship, teach me to follow as you did.

Holy Christ, You are love, and your sorrowful passion breaks my pride, breaks my rebellion, keep your wounds ever in my consciousness.

I grasp this bead, this single bead, and think on you, and the mysteries of your life, aching for the redemption of all creation, and I will wait, wait on your glorious appearance.

This single bead, that asks for your mercy, this bead that begs your prayers mother, that begs mercy in behalf of your passion oh Christ.

Let me be that conduit through which heaven comes to earth, and let your faithfulness be to me a shield, even as I fall to my knees in service.

This worship, is the only thing that matters, warfare is fought through love alone, and in loving you, darkness trembles.

You alone are the only thing that matters, and through the importance of You, all other things have meaning.

Oh eternal Christ, word made flesh, encounter me with your beauty, break my heart, and wash me of my sins, may the words of the gospel cleanse me, may the memory of you purge me, and may the reality of you redeem me, even as I take your body into my mouth.

Forsake not this child, seeking you, Holy Mother, you have touched my heart, keep me in your prayers, Our Lady of Sorrows, teach me to pray for all your children as you do, and together we shall bear upon our weeping hearts the sins and sufferings of the whole world.

Holy Spirit, source of all life, presence of God and bringer of the Divine redemption, we worship you, Lord, and giver of life, renew our hearts and minds, make us holy, as you are holy. Be the breath of life that sustains us against the powers of death.

Father, Almighty, maker of all things, thank you for your sorrow and your suffering, in the offering of Your Son, Our Lord. Take me into the way, and teach me to walk in his path, teach us to be his disciples, and with your great love, purge away our sins.

Holy Trinity, Redeem the world, by your great love, and have mercy upon us today and forever, Our Blessed Triune God.

Let the waters of life flow from the side of Christ, and purge us of our sins, that we may be the sign of what it means to have life everlasting.



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