Heart of Gold, Man of Stone

Heart of gold, man of stone
hearts that pump the unknown
breaths that wait in the day
trying to sleep the night away

Echoes in the breaking grass
reeds that sing as we pass
every step that we take
another step towards the day

Eternity in our hands
life and love, in our plans
hearts of gold, skins of stone
hearts that sing the unknown

Splendid nights on the swings
sunsets calling for our songs
we can hear the anthem ring
as we whisper the unknown

Eyes of glass, have to wait
for the medicine to take
feast of love, in our hands
through bread and wine
we discern the final plan

Skins of bone, echoing
as hearts of gold begin to sing
pumping love in the cracks
as we take our bodies back

Bodies hid in the grass
bodies risen at last
full and rising with the dawn
as we walk upon new lawns

Only hearts made of gold
can these sights now behold
we can see the darkness pass
as tomorrow comes to grasp

our eyes with a new song
a new toast to the unknown
songs of love in our veins
skins of flesh now remade
hearts of gold, early morn
as we cherish skins reborn
Bread and wine come let’s eat
with Him who is the sacred feast


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