The Empire is Not My Friend

When someone asks me how I feel about Obama or says “Obama will represent us…he’ll fight for us. Let’s get him a second term.”

I respond: That’s not true.

It’s not.

The American President is bought out by special interests just like every other politician. There is no singular issue that politicians can side with the people on other than the vague platitudes put out by the Bush and Obama administrations because the people and the government are at odds, and have been for many, many years. Politicians thrive on vague promises, they cannot either covertly or openly ally themselves with anyone’s interests but those of the powerful.

As such, Barack Obama and his entire administration represents the global banking cartels, the military industrial complex, the Orwellian perpetual warfare this country is so fond of, gentrification, surveillance and ultimately the continued capitalistic expansion of the American Empire at the expense not only of the American people, but of the world. He has not represented the people, he will not represent anyone but himself and the monied interests that have bought him and pay to maintain him.

Electing him to a second term means the expansion of military powers, the expansion of surveillance, the expansion of the global military conflicts we’re engaged in, and the continued oppression of the poor. It means the levying of power and money in favor of corporations, banks, the oil industry, the American War machine, and prisons.

That Obama faces a second term merely tells you about the ignorance of the American people and the sad state of our electoral politics. Everyone is mildly frustrated that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not over, and our media ignores by and large the covert wars we are engaged in with Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia among others. Obama ordered the military drone strike that killed a 16 year old American Citizen.

When we’re left with a “liberal” who enforces every regulation and matter of policy as Bush did and would, and expands the patriot act rather than repealing it, authorizes surveillance, enacts the 2012 NDAA and illegalizes public dissent via H.R. 347 we must severely question our liberal class, which Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges has acclaimed dead, and rightly so.

There is currently no way to vote for the people against the government, or even to curb the government’s abuses of power. “We have a choice,” says Chris Hedges. “You can either be complicit in your own enslavement or you can lead a life that has some kind of integrity and meaning.”

You can ask me to play nice with Obama, but I won’t. I will choose to have integrity, and meaning, and to stand for what’s right, over against those who would assuage fear with platitude and dishonesty.

That we have an elected dictatorship is a fact. If you vote republican you’re voting for a small social structure of government and a large military budget with the expansion of the war-machine, if you vote democrat, you’ve voted for the exact same thing, as democrats embrace the language of austerity and have refused to deal with America’s addiction to military conflict. In fact all we’ve done with America’s addiction to military conflict is domesticate it, and allow the police to make war on the people with war-time technologies that have been opened for use against civilians.

We are in a twilight of ideologies and identities in America. “You either embrace the crusade to physically eradicate evildoers from the face of the Earth or you are an Islamic terrorist, a collaborator or an unwitting tool of terrorists.” says Chris Hedges.

My response is simple: The President is a traitor, he has brought the terrorism onto American soil, and this time in the form of our own government and law enforcement agencies. The police riot in the streets, the FBI and DHS monitor dissent, and Utah now hosts the largest spy center in the world.

America has no choice but to turn upon itself in paranoid surveillance. The war on terror, history will recognize, was America’s moment of decline and fall. Obama is as complicit as Bush in perpetuating the American war-machine, and has in fact given that war-machine a boon in the drone strikes and escalation of robotic unmanned conflict. We’re in a state that will continue to exploit the poor globally, consume beyond its means and expand beyond its ability to control.

The country has entered into its perfect war, a perpetual war. It is a war no one can win: The war to eradicate an ideology.


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