The Wisdom of Thanks

What would man, being given all the pleasures and bounties on this great earth, do with himself should he recognize the folly of his own ignorance? Should he finally see the cruelty in his lack of thanks?

Were he to recognize the great and terrible lack of gratitude that seeps into his core from time to time, should he then be bereft of joy? Might he cast himself into great silence?

Perhaps there is a time for that, but that is not the better.

Nay, the better is to emerge from such folly with newly opened eyes, with a heart full and ready to love again. Against such, they cannot legislate or deride. Against the fires of gratitude, even the greatest of frigid challenges, yea even those as mighty as the mountains pales to the great strength that is to be found in the hearts of men. Yes, gratitude is the sure-fire forge of determination.

In the souls of the grateful is that strange little flame that lights the way in great darkness.



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