Yes We Can

Yes we can.

Yes we can continue the same foreign policy agenda that has made the world less safe, and put everyone in massive economic depression.

Yes we can continue to ignore the Bushisms that many people vocally hated but now ignore.

Yes we can continue to support our President while ignoring the war-crimes committed by our administration.

Yes we can ignore that “cybersecurity” is double speak for “knowing everything about everyone at all times. Even, forget all about the troubles of an increasingly expanding surveillance and intelligence market for spying on citizens in their own homes.

Yes we can mutter under our breaths while recognizing that “speech crimes” on the internet have become the pretense for any state-based aggression for not liking what someone writes or says.

Yes we can hope, we can hope that there’s less blood on our hands than our conscience, our deep underlying humanity, tells us there is, as we give thanks for an empire built in blood.

Yes we can change anything we want, so long as it’s superficial, arbitrary, and dictated to us.

Yes we can, even ignore and refuse to acknowledge that “freedom” is just another buzzword in these here United Dictates.

Yes. We Can.

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.


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