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Thesis 7 : Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.


such a simple statement. a grammatically perfect sentence: subject, verb, object. but the meaning, well the meaning…it’s complicated.

every relationship demands connection. every connection requires material properties. last post, i wrote in the voice of my identity: a letter. the letter is l. the l that i am is the material medium of my self in the internet. to get to l, you gotta hyperlink. you have to click on me.

hyperlinking is the moment when technological determinism fails. a simple [click], and reality has shifted. and it is very real. test yourself…

hit this [click].

where did you go? did you leave? or did another browser (no coincidence in terminology there) pop up? you can leave this page; you can go anywhere. no one is stopping you.

you can transgress. you can regress. you can profess. you can.


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