Photo [Autobio] graphy

Male. Artist.Thinker

It is hope to dream of nonviolence but compassion has the power to create such a thing. -Eli

I am a photographer. I love to see the world through different eyes. Photography is…pure unmediated beauty, the extension of a moment into timelessness through capture.

Photography is an extension of your own awe and wonder, a photograph is the best means by which to show someone your own amazement with the world, the camera is an extension of your eyes, but true photography is an extension of the heart. -Elias Da Silva

I first picked up an interest in photography in High school, but it became concrete in my community college days when I took my first photography class, and watched the movie Cidade De Deus (The City of God). It’s a very amazing and inspiring Brazilian film. I think what moved me most about the film was the cinematography and story revolving around very developed and real everyday people.

Currently, as I write this, it’s early 2008, and I’ve taken a hiatus from photography due to being so bust with school, but i have not forgotten what it feels like to be behind the camera, to observe the world in lving colors and shapes, in forms and interactions.

I mostly need to remind myself how much i love it, but i thought to share it with you as well.

Spain 2006


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