Love, be an Adjective

Love, be an adjective
transcend the fetters and bonds that I have placed upon thee
Break free from thy captivity and ensnare me in turn
Be some noun, some verb some thing with which I cannot contend
Embrace my restless heart to stillness and serenity
Pierce the darkened cloud of happiness
Abolish the idols to twilight,
and bring the breaking dawn
As the sun also rises, bring bloodshed,
mine own

Love be my prayer,
Be that with which my hands move in the aether
Let my legs feel bound in chains only to thee,
and let my shackles be burdensome to no end
Let the prison of my heart be thy overwhelming presence
And the weakness of my lips be caught up in your power
Where I end, let me find a beginning in thy power and thine alone

Love, be my discontent
Be my greatest fear,
for I cannot imagine a world where you are tame
Where once men deigned to die for thee alone
We’ve cut you from our mouths and thrown you in the gutters
Our tongues litter the streets
We’ve taken our eyes from their rightful place
We’ve cast our bodies into hell,
Love be my discontent, that in thy pain I might find life

Love, wound me
Break me on your altar
That I might see what truly is
Don’t be some soft and lofty romance
Be the sword of my death,
Spill my life out from me,
And bleed me dry
That this broken world might be exhausted in its rage
And find itself worn out in the face of our suffering


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